Rodent Control

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Rats and mice are probably the most common pest problem that we here at Pestforce Stockport are asked to tackle. Because of this, we’ve honed our skills and techniques over the years, and now we can proudly state that we offer the most comprehensive rodent control Stockport businesses and domestic customers can hire!

Rodent Control You Can Trust

Rodents, including squirrels as well as rats and mice, can cause serious problems for your home. Apart from the obvious phobia issue many people have, rodents carry disease. The diseases that rodents carry – and are immune to – can be extremely debilitating. Germs carried can spread via food contamination and put everyone exposed at risk. Rodents can flatten their rib cages to get through surprisingly small gaps, and can make their way into food storage areas and infect food with faecal matter and urine.

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Rodents can also cause structural damage to your home which is very expensive to repair. Rodents’ teeth grow continuously, and they have to constantly gnaw to keep them ground down to a workable length. Over time, rodents gnawing at wires, cables, furniture and even the brickwork of your home can create devastatingly expensive repair bills.

Rodent infestations are often signified by droppings found in food preparation areas, dirty, greasy tracks found around skirting boards (rats often brush against walls as they forage for food) and gnawed boxes and paper for nests.

So, if you think that you’ve got a rat, mouse or squirrel problem in your home or business premises, call Pestforce Stockport for rodent control you can count on.