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Bees, wasps, flies and hornets can be extremely difficult – and, in the case of wasps and hornets, dangerous – to get rid of. Particularly if you have an allergy to bee or wasp stings, you should never approach a bee or wasps nest yourself as they can swarm, landing hundreds of stings.

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Bees and Wasps

Especially in recent years, the UK’s eco system has been threatened by a decrease in the number of bees. Responsible preservation and removal of bee nests is important to do, rather than destroy them. Wasp nests can, however, be removed with more aggressive methods. There is no threat to wasp numbers in the UK, and they are often much more aggressive than bees, especially in summer months. If wasp colonies feel threatened, they will respond aggressively, so if you notice or suspect a wasp nest anywhere near your property or business premises, call a member of Pest Force Stockport immediately.

Wasps can also target children or pets. Don’t leave it to chance – call the insect control experts at Pest Force if you suspect you have a wasp nest.


Bedbug numbers are rising in the UK. They can be extremely irritating, and while they don’t normally cause infection from their bites, can make getting a decent night’s sleep impossible. If you wake up with small, itchy bites in the morning, it’s likely that your mattress is infested with bedbugs. Getting rid of bedbugs can be extremely difficult. The only way to be sure is by calling Pestforce Stockport!


Ants congregate indoors when food, especially sugary food, is left out. If you’re suffering from ants in your home or in your business premises, give us a ring to get the problem solved.