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Terrified pupils are forced to flee SEAGULLS as they’ve dive-bombed on way to school

After reading this article many of the bird proofing stockport team were picturing images from Alfred Hitchcocks film Birds! Though they may look innocent birds and especially seagulls can cause homeowners serious problems. Even people on commercial premises can find them to wreaking havoc as this schools pupils discovered in the article below.

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Outbreak of Asian wasps found in Kent sweet chestnuts

In Summer the wasp control stockport team get an increasing number of calls relating to wasp infestations from homeowners. Wasps are probably one of the more aggressive insects that you may encounter and this can make them potentially harmful. As with most species of insects there is never just one particular type though there are those that we have come to know as commonly native to the UK. These include the likes of the Vespula Vulgaris and the yellow jacket however a new Asian wasp has been discovered in kent very recently. What repercussions could such a new species of wasp entering the UK have on pest control; read the article below to learn more.

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‘I’ve seen food opened by mice and eaten’: B&M store closed due to rodent infestation

The rodent control Stockport team deal with frequent rat infestation to domestic properties. However even large commercial businesses suffer from pest problems from time to time and this B&M store is no exception. Baring in mind that B&M stock a variety of food products it is not surprising that they came under attack from a rodent infestation. As it is now Summer these pesky critters become increasingly active and will be on the hunt for valuable food sources. These mice must have thought they were in heaven when they stumbled upon all the goodies that the B&M store had to offer. Lets hope that they can employ a good pest controller who can eliminate their rodent woes for them and the store is not closed for too long.

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Fox terrifies club drinkers when it chases chairman around car park, bites woman’s hand and pens pest controller in playground

As cute as they are Foxes are a well known pest that are becoming ever more brazen when in comes to invading homes and properties. This fox had no qualms about taking on these residents even the pest control company was warned off by this pesky fiend! If you do find a fox around your home though they may appear to be quite adorable they can cause serious harm and become a nuisance. Try to avoid encouraging foxes on your property by sealing outside waste bins and not leaving food items out for pets in the summer. Foxes will approach your property in the hope of finding a food or water source so it is sensible to try and prevent them from wanting to come near your home. To learn more about this terrifying fox and the ordeal it brought to these unsuspecting people please find the link below.

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How to avoid pests this summer

The wasp control stockport team have brought you this great video with our top tips for preventing pests this Summer. Homeowners are at an increased risk of pests such as insects, bees, wasps and flies. These can be potentially harmful if left untreated and free to build a nest in your property. You can take easy preventative measures but sometimes it may require the help of an expert. Consider the Summer pest advice below and when in doubt hire an experienced and trained pest controller!


How to prevent pests this summer

Preventing Pests This Summerwasp-control-stockport

One of the most common pests you will find this summer is wasps and that is what our expert wasp control Stockport technicians are trained to deal with this time of year. Pest become increasingly active in the Summer months as temperatures hot up and they often seek sources of food and shelter in homes and properties. Often we will choose to expose premises to the outdoors by keeping windows and doors open in the nicer weather and this can attract unwanted guests. Prevention and maintenance are essential to avoiding pest problems and stopping them from becoming a problem that is out of your control.

Pest Control Summer Tips

Summer means the increased risk of pests invading your home and best practice dictates that prevention is important to keep them pesky critters at bay. Sometimes however prevention is not always enough and it may require the expertise of a professional to help eradicate the problem. There are many common pests you will encounter this Summer, most likely these will be a higher number of increased insects such as ants, wasps and bees. Other pests that become more active are birds especially seagulls. Taking measures such as inspecting your property for any damage that might provide an entry to these creatures is advisable. Also to remove any attractions such as food, waste and water from outside or near the premises. For further tips we found this helpful article below that may be of interest.

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Avoiding Pests At Your Outdoor BBQ

Try not to encourage pests so if you are out in the garden or have a BBQ this Summer be sure to remove any food and drink that’s left lying around. Also dispose of waste straight away into an outside bin and try to avoid letting your bins becoming too full. They should remain sealed and clean in order to prevent pests from trying to venture inside for possible food. Keeping your garden area clean whilst having a BBQ is important for both sanitary and hygiene reasons. If your preparing food remember to keep it well covered and not exposed were pests can easily infiltrate it. For many more tips such as these please read the article below.

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What Are The Summer Seasonal Pests? – Wasps & Beeswasp-control-stockport

Summer sees an increased number of insects becoming active and these will expose you to the likes of wasps and bees. Though generally harmless they can become aggressive and defensive if they feel threatened or aggravated. If they are seeking to build a nest on your property it is best to call a professional out to eliminate them straight away. Nests can be dangerous especially when these insects swarm and they just may sting you if they feel they are under attack. to avoid any dangerous encounters pest control and their expert teams are the best solution. To learn more about what you are dealing with when it comes to wasps and bees then read this article below.

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Insect Bites & Sting

If you do find that you have been bitten or stung by an insect it is good to know what measures you should take. The NHS provide this handy guide below that can take you through identifying what insect bite or sting you may have and how best to treat it.

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Our Thoughts

The wasp control Stockport team know that pest control is important at any time of year but during Summer there are certain types of pests and measures you need to take that may differ from other seasons. Hopefully we have provided you with some good information and resources on how to best tackle your Summer pest problems.

Pest control called in to deal with swarm of angry bees at Newcastle family’s home

As the bee control Stockport team know Summer is upon us and that means homeowners are finding bees on and around there property. As this particular family found they had become overwhelmed with a swarm of nasty bees that required urgent pest control. Generally  the odd bee is harmless however a nest can cause numerous problems. It is is always advisable to contact a professional pest controller when you encounter a large amount of bees or a nest on your property. If these bees turn aggressive in defense to their home they could cause you or the residents serious harm; as was the case in the article we found below.

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Britain set for invasion of deadly pharaoh ants this summer – and other creepy crawlies

Let’s face it, everyone loves the summer, and likes to enjoy the warmer weather, however, we don’t enjoy the creepy crawlies that come with this nicer climate. Experts in pest control Stockport have found an article warning of an invasion of ants. See the post below!

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Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Win

Bed bugs can cause a lot of stress for many people. Bed bugs unfortunately are everywhere, and for many, the thought of an infestation is enough to cause stress and anxiety. Pest control Stockport companies can help rid of infestations if caught in time, so try not to worry too much. This article below outlines just why you shouldn’t let the fear of bedbugs get the better of you.

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Allergens From Cats and Cockroaches May Increase Glaucoma Risk

Pest control Stockport experts are always keen to rad up on new health reports regarding pests.In a recent American study it was found that cats and cockroaches can actually increase Glaucoma risk, but dogs can actually prevent it. What do you think to this report?

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