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Bird ProofingBirds can cause a lot of problems for business and agricultural professionals. Especially where public safety is important such as car parks, railway stations, warehouses, public spaces and places of worship, birds need to be removed as soon as possible to prevent corrosion, damage to property, and accidents. A building with birds roosting within will look shabby and unwelcoming.

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Common pest birds such as pigeons, ringdoves and seagulls are highly unsanitary, carrying diseases which can be harmful to humans. These diseases come not only from the birds themselves, but also the parasites they host, such as fleas, tics and lice.

If you’re managing a particularly large building such as a warehouse, depot or transport station, it can be difficult to establish if and where you have a bird problem. The most obvious clue is of course droppings, but you might also notice feathers, nest materials such as twigs and leaves, unpleasant odours and insect infestations as indicators.

crowWe have several methods including bird spikes and netting which make it impossible for birds to find a space to rest and create nests. If an infestation does occur, we use humane methods to remove the birds, and have full Firearms Licence Insurance protecting your business, the public, and ourselves.

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